The Platform That Virtualizes Your Organization

SIMCITA™ is a virtual-reality based platform, tailored to any organization and delivers a highly immersive, world-class collaborative experience that users can access from any internet connected PC or Mac. It’s the next generation of a virtual organization. Attendees feel “Virtually There”!

    With SIMCITA™ you can:

  • Explore content via virtual libraries and visual elements
  • Navigate the world and interact with other users via avatar
  • Access information virtually anytime, anywhere
  • Attend classes or training sessions in a virtual environment
  • Consult with a smart avatar for FAQs about your organization
  • Collaborate in real-time via instant chat and VoIP


SIMCITA™ is an experience far beyond a website, presentation tool or conference call. It allows interactive conversations with other employees, partners, learners and instructors, all within a virtual reality-based online institution, custom branded with your organization’s content.

  • Touch Controls

  • Personalized Attendee Avatars

  • Scalable Cloud Service

  • Revenue Potential

  • Calendar Integrated Meetings

  • Administration & Content Management

  • Secure Communications

  • Philanthropic Opportunities

  • Virtual & Accesible
  • Virtual Concierge
  • Flexible Collaboration